Why should companies hire through staffing agencies

Staffing agencies are used by employers to locate applicants for job openings on their teams and to assist individuals in finding career possibilities in their field of interest.

These positions can be full-time or part-time, temporary, contract-to-hire, or on a direct-hire full-time basis.

Speed up your recruitment process

The hiring process is longer and more challenging now than it was in earlier decades due to the significant changes in the employment market over the last several years. It is quicker and simpler to work with a staffing firm.

A staffing agency acts as a middleman between employers and workers, checking references, screening resumes, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, and placing candidates who work on-site at the employer’s behalf.

Specialized hiring

Most employers lack the resources necessary to maintain a talent pool. You can relate to the frustration of conducting interview after interview with candidates and still not being able to fill all the open positions. You are forced to choose between using a staffing agency or continuing the drawn-out process in the hopes that the ideal candidate would respond to your ad.

A competent staffing firm spends years establishing its talent network through networking, referrals, and regular conversations with prospects. Your chances of hiring the ideal people will increase as a result of the significantly larger candidate pool. Employers who use staffing agencies in their niche (Altamira Consulting Services is specialized in hiring Software Engineering talent) also have access to the recruiter’s insider knowledge of qualified passive and active applicants who are available, wage ranges, and regional market trends.

Reduce hiring cost

The idea that using a staffing agency is too expensive to be worthwhile is one of the most common and inaccurate misconceptions regarding the practice because even though you may believe you are saving money up front, hiring a staffing agency may end up costing your business less overall.

Using a staffing agency comes with, on average, a 15% to 25% annual salary fee that varies depending on the industry and other factors. On the other hand having an in-house HR team can increase a company’s hiring costs by more than 50% when you factor in those team members’ annual salaries, insurance and other benefits. The costs of actual hiring and recruitment are not even mentioned here. A staffing company can significantly lower those expenses. When your financial resources are low, this is even more helpful.

Impact on day to day operations

The hiring procedure typically requires a significant time investment and could have a detrimental effect on your daily operations. Reviewing resumes, contacting prospective candidates, holding successful interviews and finding the right hire will take time, money and resources.

Working with recruiters while you’re short on time will ensure that your productivity levels don’t drop, save your business time and money, and allow you to replace the vacant position while still generating income. Employers can concentrate on business expansion, take on more short-term projects without increasing long-term personnel, and have the flexibility to reduce staff and overhead when projects are completed by using staffing agencies to hire employees.